Carrie Cutforth Curriculum Vitae

Digital Marketer, Producer, Consultant, Writer

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  • Digital Marketer providing total solutions (Website Dev., Content Writing, Social Media, Graphic Design, etc.)
  • Internationally regarded expert on web series and transmedia storytelling
  • Grant/Funding writer (interactive/web series) that understands new media funding landscape in Canada
  • Producer/Project Manager for digital, interactive, screen content and live events
  • Innovative storyteller, big-picture strategist, and systems thinker
  • Agnostic cross-platform writer with an audience development focus


  • Chair of the Program Advisory Committee for Sheridan’s CCIT Program (Communications Culture and IT), 2014-present
  • Interim Board Member of the Independent Web Creators of Canada: Nov 2016-Aug 2017
  • TO WebFest Juror: 2017, 2016
  • Canadian Screen Awards Juror, Cross-Platform: 2016, 2015
  • On the Advisory Board for Stream Daily, 2014-2016
  • IAWTV Awards Transmedia Category Chair and Advisor, 2015
  • Mentor for The Pitch 360 Competition for both Merging Media’s MM2013 and MM2012
  • Co-founder of Independent Web Series Creators of Canada, Transmedia 101, and TO WebFest
  • Incubated and mentored web series/transmedia talent on an ongoing basis
  • Legacy of community building in web series/transmedia internationally, nationally, and locally


Bachelors of Fine Art Criticism and Curatorial Practice 2008, Thesis: Lactivision (Digital Project)
Double Minor in English and Digital & Media Studies, OCAD University 2009
CMPA Transmedia Mentorship Program Oct. 2012-Apr. 2013

OCAD Awards:

Runner-Up in 401 Richmond Prize, Jun 2008
CRCP Faculty Award, Jun 2008
George A. Reid Award, Jun 2007
Volunteer Certificate of Recognition, OCAD, Jun 2007
Dr. Eugene A. Poggetto Award, Jun 2006
Provincial Chapter of Ontario IODE Tuition Award, Jun 2005



2018                Creator: Tarped by a 3some (Visual Novel)
2014-15           Interactive Marketing Coordinator: Luminato Festival
2014                Co-Producer/Chief Financial Officer: TO Webfest 2014 (Live event)
2014                Creator/Producer: Spy Slutz (Web)
2012-13          Associate Producer/Transmedia Producer: Talent Hounds (Hop To It)
2012-13          Project Manager/Editor: All Your Fates (Digital Serialized Novel)
2012                Co-Organizer/Host: Masterclass with Jon Reiss (Transmedia 101) (Live event)
2012                Ground Team Lead Organizer: Toronto ARGFest 2012 (Live event)
2012                Creator/Producer: Work With No Pants (ARG)
2010                Producer: Textapublication (Mobile Poetry Project)
2010                Producer: Ripple (Mobile Poetry Project)
2010                Associate Producer: Poetry Village, 2010 Junction Arts Festival (Live event)
2008                Curator: Krisp & Verklempt, Faking It, Ocad (Exhibition)
2007                Curator: Dood, Transit Space, OCAD (Exhibition)
2007                Curator: Hybridized Dolls & Drolls, XPACE (Exhibition)
2007                Curator: Pajama Party, Faking It (Exhibition)
2007                Curator: Façade, Faking It (Exhibition)
2007                Curator: publiNations Hyperspace, OCAD (Exhibition)


2013                Consulting Producer/Crowdfund Manager: All Possible Worlds (Film)
2013                Consulting Producer: ASSET (Irradiated Panda) (Web Series)
2011                Consultant: Veil Nanoscience (Immersive Fiction) (ARG)


2018       (revamp website)
2017-2018 & Satellite sites (collate multiple sites under one host; update)
2016-18         Sexual Assault: The Roadshow (develop web, content management & social)
2015                Choochew.Com (develop website)


Co-Founder/Treasurer: Independent Web Series Creators of Canada 2011 – 2014
Executive Director: 2013-2014
Interim Board Member: Nov. 2016-Aug 2017

  • Forged formation of a non-profit professional national association for web series creators and acted as inaugural Executive Director.
  • Spearheaded a research industry study: an economic profile of Web Series creators in Ontario.

Inaugural Co-Producer/Chief Financial Officer: ToWebFest 2014

Co-host: Toronto Web Series Community 2011-2014

  • Co-hosted numerous Toronto Web Series Community Meetups.

Co-Founder/Host: Transmedia 101, 2011-2013

  • A local monthly meetup group that hosted a variety of speakers on topics of interest to the transmedia community and transmedia curious.

Host & Organizer: Coming Soon Trailer Fest, 2013-2015

  • An annual screening festival of web series trailers

Chair/Co-organizer: Transmedia Meetup of Meetups at the Storyworld Conference 2011

  • Chaired the meeting of approximately seventy transmedia professionals from around the world.


Transmedia Europe Alliance – Adviser, Dec 2011-April 2012
Graduation Blender, OCAD, Feb 4, 2008
The OCAD Mobile Lab Portage Design Charrette, Oct 26-28 2007
Hiring Committee for Assistant Dean of Liberal Studies, OCAD, Jun 5 2007
Juror – Gallery 76 Award, May 8 2007
Hyperspace Graduation Committee, OCAD, Feb-April 2007
Academic Standards Policy Committee, OCAD, Feb 2007
OCAD Student Forum, Nov 26 2006
Assistant Editor, Rocket Science 1.1., Summer 2006


Writer:  The Way Out — A Recollection of My Life as a Bisexual Jehovah’s Witness, Sep. 2, 2017
Forgiveness is Overrated: The Second Coming of Kesha, July 11, 2017
Writer: “How to Stop, Drop, and Roll in Mental Crisis,” The Establishment, July 14, 2017
Writer: In Search of: One Male Ally to Hold My Hand for Social Media Photo-Op, Mar. 2017
Contributor: Feminism 101: What It’s Like Being Treated Differently Because You’re a Woman,” Grok Nation, Feb. 2017
Contributor: Feminism 101: What’s Dating as a Feminist Actually Like,” Grok Nation, Feb. 2017
 “Go Unfuck Yourself: Manual on Jargon for Digital Marketers,” Jan. 2017 
 “How to Help the Cause when You need Help Yourself ,” The Establishment, Nov. 2016, Republished by Everyday Feminism, Feb. 2017
Writer: “My One Minute Rape Story,” The Establishment. May 2016
Contributor:Ask a Raging Feminist: What’s your theme song?She Knows. Jun. 2015
Writer:Over 40 with Zero Fucks to Give,” Medium. Dec. 2014
Writer:Playback Canadian Film & TV Hall of Fame: Andra Sheffer,” Playback Magazine, Dec. 2014 (Online and Print editions)
Writer:  “Guest Post: Top 5 Web Series Tips,”, May 2014
Writer: Marketing a Digital Project Shouldn’t be an Afterthought,” STREAM Daily, Feb. 2014
Writer: Run a Campaign Like a Horserace (and Why You  Should),” New Hive, Jan. 2014
Writer:How to Get Money From People Like a Machiavellian,” New Hive, Jan. 2014
Writer:2014: A Year In Review From The Future,” New Hive, Jan. 2014
Writer:Are Bitcoins the New Pogs,” New Hive, Dec. 2013
Writer:10 Genius Tactics of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries Crowdfunding Campaign,” TCM Resource Kit, 2013 (Online case study)
Writer: [Del]’s Diary for the Veil Nanoscience ARG (Immersive Fiction), 2011
Writer: “Subverting the Canadian National Artefacts,” Line Break, 2009 (Print)
Writer: BlogTO Arts Columnist for, 2009
Writer: “Where It’s at: Mapping Toronto’s Creative Clusters,” Rocket Science, 2008 (Print)
Writer: “Interview with Vid Ingelevics,” Rocket Science, 2008 (Print)
Writer: “My Imaginary Best Kids,” Sounds Like Canada, (CBCRadio1), 2006 (Radio)


Thanks from One Muse/James Carter for digital project NY_Heart Stories: LES (Part One).

Dedicated Thanks in So I Might Be A Vampire, a novel by Rodney V. Smith


2014                OMDC             Industry Development Program: TO WebFest 2014
2014                IPF                   Professional Development Program: TO WebFest 2014
2014                OMDC             IDM Industry Research Grant: “Industry Profile of the Independent Web Series Creators of Canada,” (IWCC)
2013                IPF                   Web Drama Series Program: ASSET (Irradiated Panda)
2012                Bell Fund        Contributed writing to interactive portion of successful Talent Hounds application (Hop To It)


“Allies”, featured in “Questioning Safety Pin Solidarity Revealed Why I Can’t Trust White People“, The Establishment, Nov. 2016
“What Can I do Today Realistically?” featured in “How To Help the Cause When You Need Help Yourself,” The Establishment, Nov. 2016
“Stop Performing Both Wellness And Illness,” “Drop (Everything Harmful),” and “Roll (With it)” featured in “How to Stop, Drop, and Roll in Mental Crisis,” The Establishment, July 14, 2017


Guest Lecturer: Participatory Fiction, Hybrid Media Writing, OCAD U, Jan. 17th, 2018
Moderator of the Q&A sessions for TO WebFest 2017, Friday May 26 for the following screenings:

• Hope & Struggle
• Piqued My Interest
• Unique & Unusual

Guest Speaker at Launch Announcement Party of OCAD University’s Creative Writing BFA, DFI Lounge, OCAD University, Toronto, March 24, 2017
Guest Lecturer:
Participatory Fiction, Experimental Fiction, OCAD U, Jan. 18th, 2016
We’re Broads, They’re Chicks, Let’s Make Change! Webinar, Nov. 22 2015
Drive People to your WebSeries, Conducttr Webinar, Mar. 3 2015
Web Series, IP Program, Centennial College, Dec. 9 2014
Special Speaker:
Interact: TV on The Web, Interactive Ontario, Aug. 13, 2014
Moderator: So You Want to Crowdfund, TO Webfest, May 11, 2014
Game-changers: New Ventures in Distribution, Ontario Writer’s Conference, May 2014
Building a Business Model for Web Series, Playback Summit, Apr. 30 2014
Guest Lecturer:
Experimental Writing, OCAD U, Jan. 15, 2014
Guest Lecturer:
Advance Television Writing & Transmedia, York University, Nov. 2013
Host: Screening of Beat Girl Premier, MM2013, Nov. 2013
Panel Moderator:
Canuck Webseries Showcase, MM2013, Nov. 2013
Story/Performance Workshop Facilitator:
Story This! DIY Days in Toronto, Nov. 2013
“Not so Friendly Family Hour,” Social Media Week with the IWCC, Sep. 2013
Special Guest:
Tranvergance’s Storyhackathon, LA, Aug. 2013
Special Guest:
Town Hall Meeting, Transmedia LA, LA, Aug. 2013
Guest Lecturer:
Interactive Narrative, OCAD U, Anthea Foyer, Aug. 2013
The Business of Transmedia Canada, at Transmedia LA, LA, Feb. 2013
Special Guest:
Guidestone’s Meetup, 2012
Panel Moderator:
X-Collaboration + Other Co-Creative Synergies, MM2012, Vancouver, 2012
at the Master of Digital Media on Transmedia in Toronto program, Centre of Digital Media, University of BC, Vancouver, 2012
Second global Transmedia Meetup of Meetups at Storyworld, L.A., 2012
Read at Own Risk: Emergent Narrative Forms & Wattpad, Transmedia 101, 2012
Panel Moderator:
From Player to Puppet Master, ARGFest, Toronto, 2012
The Big Talk at OCAD University, Toronto, 2012
The Karada at Storyworld’s Inproduction Showcase, San Francisco, 2011
Guest Lecturer:
Expanding Narrative: Transmedia/ARGs for Experimental Writing, OCADU, 2010
Guest Lecturer:
Metaphor for Creative Writing One, OCAD University, 2010
Guest Lecturer:
From Concept to Tear Down, Professional Practice, OCAD, 2009
Guest Lecturer:
Urban Art & Advertising, Bright Lights Big City, OCAD, 2008
Guest Panelist:
The Role of The Art Critic, ArtSPEAK Series, Gallery 1313, 2007


PusyCat Lounge, Hamilton, Ontario, Nov. 18, 2017
Biphoria Hamilton: Voices of Resistance Festival, Hamiltion, Ontario, Sept. 22, 2017
Painting with Words, OCAD, 2012
Passionate Women and Words, Poetry Village, Junction Arts Festival, Sept 12 2010
OCAD Writers, Poetry Village, Junction Arts Festival, Sept 12 2010
I Saw I Was, OCAD, Aug 16 2010
Hear My Words, Feel my Words, Mark my Words, Ellington’s Music Café, Jun 13 2010
Reading Through, OCAD, Apr 8 2010
Through the Writing Class, The Trane Studio, Aug 17 2009
Spokes & Words, OCAD, Mar 27 2009
Stunt Doubles, Ellington’s Café, July 30 2008
Voices, Versions, and Visions, OCAD, Apr 11 2007


  • Participated in MEIC’s Mobile Camp, 2012
  • Participant in Celebrate the Web as Art Director for Web Series Pilot: The Ghostening, May 2012
  • Participated in Storycode’s Story Hack, the World’s First Transmedia hackathon in New York, 2012
  • Participant in MEIC’S MAP (Mobile App Accelerator Program), 2012
  • Producer’s Certificate from Raindance Org.


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