Carrie Cutforth

Carrie Cutforth Reading at Biphoria Festival

September 15, 2017

Then finally, “Oh, there is Jehovah’s Witness porn too,” he said dryly. I didn’t overthink how Charles would have known about porn for ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’. As an Elder, he was privy to all the secret confessions of the Congregation. Who knew what depravity he had been alerted to over the years? I said a small prayer to protect his heart from such evil.

“Ew,” Cindy cried dutifully, “Who would watch something like that?”

“Apostates,” Charles said with conviction.

Carrie performed a reading of the abridged version of her creative non-fiction work: “The Way Out — A Recollection of My Life as a Bisexual Jehovah’s Witness” at Biphoria Hamilton: Voices of Resistance Festival in Hamilton, Ontario on Sept. 22, 2017. You can read the abridged version of The Way Out here.