Carrie Cutforth
Consulting Producer & Crowdfund Manager

What would you do if you could go back in time? Would you make any changes? Would you make peace with a dying parent, or salvage your failed career? Save JFK from being shot? Or something more sinister… Would you manipulate your own love story?

Lou is a struggling photographer paralyzed by choice. In the midst of a family crisis, she is thrust into the position of caregiver. In walks Alan, an arrogant physicist who claims to have solved the time travel paradox. Lou embarks on a voyage of self-discovery through her budding flirtation with Alan, until she realizes Alan’s future self has been manipulating both of them all along.

Directed by
Lyndon Horsfall

Writing Credits
Lyndon Horsfall

Miranda Calderon
Ash Catherwood
Bridget Gillie
Joanna Haughton
Jason Martorino
Sara Mitich
Paulette Sinclair

Produced by
Scott Albert … associate producer
Ash Catherwood … producer
Carrie Cutforth … associate producer
Bridget Gillie … associate producer
Joanna Haughton … co-producer

Music by
Russell Jennison
Tessa Jennison

Cinematography by
Bruce William Harper

Film Editing by
Sydney Cowper

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