Carrie Cutforth

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All Your Fates tells the story of David who sets out to find the girl of his dreams in other universes after she rebuffs him in his.

The prequel novel is a multiverse mindfuck set in The Karada universe created by Carrie Cutforth, Tom Liljeholm (Truth About Marika, Conspiracy for Good), and Jim Martin (Heroes, Conspiracy for Good), and includes a host of guest writers.

Recognizing that Wattpad is to text what Youtube is to video, the creators of All Your Fates pushed the envelope by running the serialized novel like a TV series: with a cabal of guest writers, special scenes scored with music, key actors cast, and chapters set in real life locations for cross-promotional partnerships.

all your fates dot com

The fictional story contained Easter Eggs for hard-core fans who want a richer more immersive experience to hunt down. If a website was mentioned in the story, the website also lived online for some fun fictional bonus content.

The novel is a supernatural thriller/romance with a suggested rating of PG 13.


Storyworld Created by:
Carrie Cutforth, Tom Liljeholm, Jim Martin

Writer and Editor:
Carrie Cutforth

Illustrated by:
Hugo Arias

Guest Chapters Written by:
Tom Liljeholm
Willow Polson
Scott Walker
James Carter
Scott Albert
Robert Mills
Randy Astle

April 16, 2016
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