Carrie Cutforth

Carrie Cutforth forged the formation of a non-profit professional national association for web series creators as a co-founder and founding board member. Her duties during this time between Dec. 2011 – May 2014 included (but were not limited to):

      • Created systems and managed membership intake and database
      • Secured funding (OMDC/IPF) and sponsorship (from various partners)
      • Wrote grant applications and reports
      • Met with policy analysts and advisers
      • Managed organization from grassroots to near $80k intake from January – May of 2014
      • Managed all communications to members including 4 newsletters; PR for organization and events
      • Administrated all organizational needs: taxes, cost reports, logistics, files, etc.
      • Worked on forming a coalition of professional associations to lobby various agencies.

She also spearheaded the first-of-its-kind research industry study on web series: the economic profile of Web Series creators in Ontario to serve as a template for national study (produced by the independent body Nordicity and supported by the OMDC).

Carrie also co-produced TO WebFest 2014, a major event at Harbourfront center May 9-11th, 2014 and acted as its Chief Financial Officer. She produced the conference portion of the event, the networking facility, and the market while supporting TO WebFest Producer and Program Director Regan Latimer in all other aspects including the Screening Festival and Awards Ceremony, coordinating all flights, hotels, publications, audio streams, media passes, volunteers, catering, surveys, etc.

April 18, 2016
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