Carrie Cutforth
Creative Consultant

Meet the quirky queer Millennial servers that work at the dingy dive: SLOPPY JONES. Their sleazy boss, Frank, has gone missing, his cougar ex-wife has just shown up out of the blue, and each of the dodgy broke staff is now accused of murder.  Which begs the question: will they still be paid time and a half for staying late for questioning? Do not miss this hilarious new dark comedy web series!


Linda Kash as Deborah Jones
Sophie Nation as Rory Woods
Jonathan MacDonald as Thomas Collins
Jamie Hart as Harper Shelley
Jeigh Madjus as Antoni Torres
ebastian Sage as Damian Hardwell
Lory Mpiana as Cassie Ley
Isabel Kanaan as Detective Blake Guinto
Sam Malkin as Weird Jeff

Winnifred Jong

Jamie Hart, Jonathan MacDonald, Sophie Nation

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