Carrie Cutforth
Story Room Writer

Thrown into cyberspace and left fending for their very existence, Cherry and the Studio Killers are building an army of LGBTQ+ positive, misfits and outliers, on a quest to overthrow the Evil Algorithm, a deep state like organization that is destroying the internet and erasing all its weird wonders. Style battles, a war between cats and porn, a whole planet dedicated to taco memes – there’s so much to explore and save! Cherry’s using her unique power of style to bring the ‘love’ back!

Studio Killers is an internet phenomenon of vibrant animation and music amassing over 120M views on YouTube! This secretive audiovisual group is comprised of 4 individuals (1 visual artist and 3 musicians). But to the general public, they are known as the virtual characters that represent them: femme boss and frontwoman Cherry, keytarist Goldie Foxx and DJ Dyna Mink.

The story room for Studio Killers 404 follows a successful Kickstarter that reached its goal within 48 hours and includes writers Alison Norrington, Nina Bargiel, Carrie Cutforth, and Studio Killers’ own Cherry. The pilot for the series dropped late December 2021.

Watch Studio Killers 404 original Kickstarter videos below.

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