Carrie Cutforth

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

You’ve heard the drill: be genuine, be passionate, be sincere, with a viable project and make  people want to support your ambition to be the pioneering potter for ceramic menurkeys. It’s a  sweet dream that crowdfunding platforms sell: and why needlessly tarnish the carefully calculated fantasy of altruistic angels and future fans coming to the fore to support  independents that have yet to prove themselves, and all for the good of creative mankind? But  the reality is: only a portion of people who contribute to campaigns are doing so because they  WANT YOU TO LIVE THE DREAM, MAN! and the sooner you put your tin cup down to  understand why the better….

Earlier in 2014, Carrie wrote a series of articles for the platform New Hive. The first, Are Bitcoins the New Pogs, went viral and was featured on the front page of HackerNews. File that under things she never expected to happen in her career. New Hive commissioned three more articles: A Year in Review of 2014 from the Future and two on crowdfunding: How to Get Money From People like a Machiavellian and Run a Crowdfund Campaign Like a Horse Race (And Why You Should).

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