Carrie Cutforth

Congrats to Sloppy Jones on being picked up by OUTtv

June 24, 2022

When they find the dismembered torso of the dirtbag owner of Sloppy Jones Grill in the restaurant’s freezer, three queer twenty-something servers stop at nothing to clear their names, pay their rent and party like it’s 1999.

Sloppy Jones is a queer slasher mystery. This 6 x 4 minute absurd comedy series is inspired by the creators’ lives as LGBTQ+ millennial servers and bartenders. The melodrama of Scream meets the raw relatability and humour of Broad City, the camp drama of Jawbreaker and the dry comedic stylings of Schitt’s Creek. Sloppy Jones is a dark irreverent look at millennial issues, relationships, and financial instability.

The award-winning series has been picked up by OUTtv (Canada). Read about the acquisition here on Playback. Carrie served as Creative Consultant and mentor on the original pilot.