Carrie Cutforth
“As online is becoming increasingly important for content creators, both as a way to tell stories, to reach customers and to gain new revenue, the challenges of working in a new environment are becoming apparent to many people in the television industry.
Simply taking a show from the back catalogue and putting it on YouTube is no guarantee for success and sustained traction, as many have come to realise. At the same time, online native companies such as Netflix and Amazon are knuckling down and investing heavily in content that would grace any TV channel’s schedule, but are for-online only.
But there are people who have been online for years and years already, creating series and content that draw on the powers of the internet and harness the best ways of working online for an online audience. Many of these web series producers know what it takes to succeed.
So, what can a TV producer learn from online producers? How should TV people approach online, and why? I spoke with Carrie Cuthforth-Young, the executive director of the IWCC (Independent Webseries Creators of Canada) to get some answers.”

Excerpt from MipBlog’s What can TV learn from Online Producers and What does 2014 hold for Cross-Platform Content? both written by Simon Staffans. Click the links to continue reading.

April 16, 2016
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