Carrie Cutforth

Image Attribution: From the genius behind MadMen Integrated

A few weeks ago, for the lulz, I asked my Facebook friends (many who work in digital) which buzzwords they found most egregious. Hilarity ensued. Inspired by that rabid discussion, I felt compelled to write this Go UnFuck Yourself Jargon Manual.
Let’s establish the basics by stating:
“Communicating persuasively means your message reaches its intended audience and compels them to act.”
Easy fucking peasy.
And yet to put that in digital industry jargon, a content writer might be tempted to splash this keyword optimized heading on a home page:
“Target Audience Conversion Delivery Through Content Marketing Strategies”
If your intention is to reach potential clients who will clamor for your services, why the fuck are you requiring them to refer to a phrasebook forged from the gutter of a 2010 debauched SXSW after-party gone awry?

Carrie wrote this handy Go Unfuck Yourself: A Manual on Jargon for Digital Marketers to attack tomfuckery in the digital marketing industry.

February 13, 2017
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