Carrie Cutforth
“At a recent conference in LA, a producer on a panel to an audience of convergent content creators boldly declared that web series should just be called series, dropping the heavy-laden word “web” from the phrase. He is not alone in this viewpoint. We’ve seen increasing efforts from various people to change the language around web series the more TV converges with digital. Recently, a plethora of confusing terms have been bandied about in order to escape the hangover of “amateurity” that web series and vlogs are often accused of. Netflix, for instance, refers to its original programming as “Original Series,” neither employing the words “TV” or “web” …”

Carrie wrote this article back in November 2013 on the IWCC Member Blog: Are Web Series TV Online? complete with glossary of definitions. You can now read it here on her blog.

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