Carrie Cutforth
… Us older women have witnessed the glorious rise and shameful fall, the exile in disgrace and heralded restoration of every fashion holy-grail-turned-pariah of the modern age: the fanny pack, the bicycle shorts, the shoulder pads, the gypsy broad-rimmed hat, the Mary Janes, the maroon flared pants, the turquoise leg warmers, the rabbit fur earmuffs and even the lowly beret (who’d a thunk it). And we are blessed with long sharp and keen memories that reach back into decades of yore to remember who wore it best. (Hint: not you and your foppish kind. When we were kids, Normcore was called shopping at K-Mart with mum.)…

Carrie wrote this post Over 40 with Zero Fucks to Give: On Resisting Arrest for Crimes Against Fashion over at Medium, where it currently has over 6k reads.

April 21, 2016